Founding Documents
of the USA

How far have we strayed from these principles?

Our founders were some of the brightest, best educated and most committed individuals this world has known.

Today, we see the destructive effects of political correctness, and other left-leaning ideas, that are designed to tear us apart at the seams. What can be done to preserve this experiment in human freedom and individual liberty??

Declaration of Independence
Why did we want to be free? Why was a bloody revolution necessary? Wasn't it better to just do as we were told? What abuses caused the ideas of liberty and freedom to become such a motivating force? Was God really in the thoughts of our founders?
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Constitution of the US
In the first 13 years after the Declaration of Independence, there was a recognized need to fix some problems. Also, the norm for all of history had been tyranny and oppression by governments. This document defined a government like none other the world had known.
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Observe good faith
and justice ...

George Washington
September 17, 1796

His Farewell Address
To The People of
The United States
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Famous Speeches...

Give me Liberty or
Give me Death.

Patrick Henry
March 23, 1775

Second Continental Congress
St. John's Episcopal Church
Richmond, Virginia.
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Seldom have the stakes been higher ...
Ronald Reagan
January 26, 1982

His First
State of the Union
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